Apealing to anyone who was behind a yellowish green car making an illegal right turn from Moulmein road to Upper thomson rd this morning ard 7.40am
Posted by: rontay       Date Posted: 24 October 2017, 09:17

For the attached video, plse fast forward to about 1.18 timestamp in video (time recorded on car cam is about 5 mins faster than clock)

This morning, around 7.35 or thereabouts, as i was traveling towards Moulmein road from Newton, upon reaching the big Novena junction, a small greenish car on the opposite side (coming from Moulmein road)

made an illegal right turn beating the red no turn arrow light towards upper thomson road direction and was in line for a collision with my car.

This car evidently had planned to do this illegal right turn from the start as this car was on the 3rd lane next to the first two turning lanes.

This driver’s refusal to queue in line like the rest of the law abiding drivers and his intended illegal manoeuver by beating the red light (no turn arrow) has indeed cause much alarm and a potential fatal accident.

Such a driver must be severely punished before this driver goes around committing the same offense every where else.

I am apealing on roads.sg and other internet sites to those who were behind this small greenish yellow car to come forward with this car number plate so the police can take action.

This rash & reckless planned act could easily cause a fatal accident if not for my quick swerve away from this car.

An official police report has been made and appreciate anyone with this car's number plate to furnish it here to assist in the police investigation.

thank you


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