Looking for witness for a road accident causing by a school bus reversing on 3 Nov 2017 evening
Posted by: Grace       Date Posted: 6 November 2017, 18:59

On 3-Nov, around 6.45pm, I was on way back home, at PIE Lor 1 Toa Payoh Exit slip road traffic light junction, while waiting for the traffic light to turn from red to green along the 2nd right turn lane, the school bus PA5429U in front of my car suddenly reversed and hit on my car, after the knock, the school bus immediately drive off, when I speed up to catch hold of him, the bus driver initially admitted that he reversed and hit my car, who knows when I submitted the claim, he denied and claimed that it was me who knock him and refuse to pay for the repair cost. I am asking for help, if any driver happen to have the video capture, please do contact me @97576672. Thank you very much!


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