Appealing for Witness
Posted by: marklai       Date Posted: 9 April 2018, 14:36

On 2nd March 2018 at 8.55am, my car Nissan Elgrand SKT8878X was travelling on the right most lane of the CTE towards AYE when an ambulance sped past me on the right and hit my driver side side mirror and drove off. As I was focusing on filtering into the left lane to make way for the ambulance, I couldn’t see the license plate of the ambulance. My dash camera was not working either and thus I’m appealing for any witness with dash camera footage to share so that I can identify the ambulance owner and seek the necessary compensation for the damage to my car. I’m very disappointed that reckless ambulance driver has no concern on road safety that nearly cost another accident on the CTE tunnel in peak hour traffic. I have contacted the Traffic Police who has not been able to help with any CTE tunnel footage thus I’m appealing now to the public for help.


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