Appeal for witness or camera footage of MCE tunnel exit accident on 28th June ard 6.35pm
Posted by: Gary       Date Posted: 2 July 2016, 23:56

I was driving my passenger from MBS to Sentosa on the above mentioned date, at about 6.35PM while i exit MCE tunnel towards AYE, i was travelling on lane 4, out of nowhere i felt a big impact on the rear driver side and i immediately slow down and try to gan control of my vehicle as the impact continue for about 5sec. I manage to stop my car and realise i was hit by a cement truck XD3758Y, which also manage to stop at least 50m on my right. I check if my passenger was ok and lucky enough another taxi stop by and help me to ferry my passenger to her destination. I than consulted the driver and he told me that he was trying to cut into lane 3 from lane 4 and he did not see my vehicle AT ALL. as there was no injury, we shifted our vehicle to the road shoulder and exchange particulars. What happen next was a nightmare, 1st i realise my invehicle video was not working so it did not capture any footage, 2nd i forgot to take down the particulars of my passenger as witness and the best is, after reporting to my company than i get to know from my officer incharge that the Truck driver turn his words around and say I CUT INTO HIS LANE !!! I AM DEAD SURE ALL ALONG I AM TRAVELLING IN MY OWN LANE WITHIN THE SPEED LIMIT....hereby i sincerely hope if anyone seen teh above accident or have any camera footage to come forward to assist me .....i can be contacted at Hp 96169912......any assitance is greatly appreciated. Thank you all !!


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