Apealing to anyone who was behind a yellowish green car making an illegal right turn from Moulmein road to Upper thomson rd this morning ard 7.40am

Posted by: rontay
For the attached video, plse fast forward to about 1.18 timestamp in video (time recorded on car cam is about 5 mins faster than clock) This morning, around 7.35 or thereabouts, as i was traveling towards Moulmein road from Newton, upon reaching the big Novena junction, a small greenish car on the .....

Knocked over by lorry

Posted by: JusticeLim
Was driving along the straight road when a lorry suddenly change lane and caused my vehicle to nearly overturn and fall over road barrier to my death. Driver from UBTS Pte Ltd, their insurer is AXA. Any eye witnesses, do message me, thanks. ..