New digital red-light cameras help nab more errant motorists
Date Posted: 10 November 2014, 16:16

SINGAPORE - Nabbing errant motorists for beating the red light has been made easier with the installation of new digital red-light cameras. According to TODAY, the Traffic Police started installing digital traffic cameras around Singapore on March 1.

Between March and Sept 2014, the Traffic Police issued 25,833 traffic summonses, as compared to only 18,796 in 2013.

The Traffic Police said that the increase is due to new cameras that can recognise license-plate numbers, The Straits Times reported.

In addition, these cameras do not require film changes. Before the new cameras were installed, old cameras used films that needed to be processed for the police to identify errant drivers.

There are currently new cameras in 120 locations around the island.

According to TODAY, the Traffic Police said 39 lives were lost over the last four years due to motorists beating the red light.

For running a red light, the penalty is 12 demerit points and a $200 fine.




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