Reckless driver fined $3,600 and banned for a year

SINGAPORE - A man was fined $3,600 on Tuesday for driving dangerously along an expressway and failing to stop after his car was involved in an accident with another. Lee Kim Chien, 42, was also banned from driving for a year. He had pleaded guilty to driving his Hyundai Tuscani car in a dangerous manner along Kalla.....

Drivers who cause death will now face jail time

SINGAPORE: Instead of a fine, the default starting sentence for motorists who cause death by negligent driving will now be a jail term of up to four weeks. This is before the extent of their negligence and other factors are taken into account, three High Court judges ruled in a landmark judgment issued Wednesday (Sep.....

Road Traffic Act - Using mobile devices in vehicle

Photo credits to ST FILE. On Monday, proposed amendments to the Road Traffic Act were tabled in Parliament. The new rules will give more teeth to authorities to deal with errant drivers who use mobile devices while driving. These proposed changes come amid a surge in phone-and-drive offences. Last year, 3,572 sum.....