Unreasonable and Alleged Sabotage


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Instead of stopping just 5 meters before a parking lot, at a sheltered drop-off point to alight his passenger,, driver drove straight to the unsheltered lot and left the doors to his vehicle wide opened. His car was already parked when I drove into the carpark. My friend drove in after me and the only lot available was next to the said vehicle, right at the end(corner lot). After waiting for few minutes, my friend parked next to his vehicle, leaving a huge space for him big enough to accommodate his wide open doors, leaving little room for my friends passenger side. Driver immediately accused my friend of being inconsiderate to his pregnant wife in the car.

Rather than expose his wife to the weather and make her walk that extra few steps, the driver should be more considerate towards his wife if she was indeed pregnant to alight her at the drop off point. If he was so inconsiderate, at least put up a big sign to say "i am making my Pregnant Wife alight under the hot sun while I look on from the outside,, please do not park beside me for the next ten minutes.

Driver abused my friend and even asked for personal information.

Driver even asked for an apology.

Rejected and ignored, partially. But did apologise to the lady if the whole episode upset her.

On return a few hours later, the said vehicle was in a different lot.

Gut feel tells my friend to check his vehicle for scratches and tyres for puncture. Lord and behold, a nail positioned to puncture the rear tyre at first forward movement.

Driver of said vehicle is free to post his version. I am driver of the car parked diagonally opposite.

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