*With effect from 1 July 2017*
Here are the respective rewards when your video goes viral within 72 hours!
$100 (cash)
80,000 - 119.999 views
$200 (cash)
120,000 – 179,999 views
$300 (cash)
180,000 views and above
With just 2 simple steps,
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NOTE: Only first uploader of video that has gone viral will be rewarded.
  • • Only original videos taken by you that have not previously been uploaded to any video-hosting website (including, Youtube, and Vimeo, social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram, and websites operated by media such as Channel News Asia, the Straits Times, and Asia One) will be accepted for consideration in our rewards scheme.
  • • Calculation of the 72 hour-period begins at the time your video is first uploaded onto our website. A first email or SMS will be sent to your designated contact details to alert you if and when your video has received 10,000 views from different persons.
  • • At 72 hours after your video was uploaded to our Website, the number of views your video has received will be recorded. A confirmatory email or SMS will subsequently be sent to you within the next 3 working days confirming the number of views and the reward sum you are entitled to receive.
  • • You must be contactable via email or SMS in order to receive payment of the reward sum. If you do not respond to our confirmatory email or SMS within 48 hours, we may in our sole discretion forfeit any reward sum which you would otherwise be entitled to receive.
  • • Payment will be made by cheque or any means acceptable to both of us.
  • • You confirm that all videos uploaded by you are in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Roadfly Pte. Ltd. disclaims all responsibility and liability for any loss or damaged suffered by any person as a result of your video.