numberplate 1717 white bmw m3 wannabe driving recklessly like a bastard on the roads
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By: isabella
Uploaded: 21 November 2018, 21:23


ear Sir / Madam,

I would like to report an incident happened today on the first lane towards queenstown mrt station on commonwealth avenue
,I was travelling on the road when suddenly a white bmw numberplate 1717 past me speeding at a very high speed on the 2nd lane and squeezed past me abruptly in front of me past the red car on the 2nd lane as seen in the video provided. it was very scary and dangerous and almost caused an accident if i would have travel faster

I was alarmed and distressed by this action
I am totally disgusted with his actions and dangerous driving
He almost caused an accident several times and to other motorists. Installed fear into me causing me distress and harm towards me.
He has totally have no regard for safety and also violated traffic rules and regulations.
Endangering other motorists behind his car.and also causing distress and alarm towards me. his road and driving manners and ethics should be dealt with severely.
please look into the video using a driving DV recorder provided at
the time and take the appropriate action against this dangerous driver. i have downloaded the videos to youtube and I hope the Police can take serious action against such offenders .

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